Hello my name is Krysto.

I started practising Yoga in 1991, later trained as a Yoga Teacher specializing in Raja Yoga and have taught continuously since.

Over the years I have explored many Yoga “styles” – some authentic, others questionable.

I have learnt to be open minded and enjoy the many aspects of Yoga to be experienced – the wisdom teachings encompassing the Philosophy of Yoga, as well as the physical practices. Teaching Yoga is both a joy and an honour. It is truly humbling to observe a deep shift within  students – a shift which reignites them, enabling them to live their lives more fully and joyfully. My wish is to pass the gifts of Yoga to others – gifts which are the knowledge and tools to set us free for the rest of this life.

It is not uncommon to lose our vision or sense of purpose in life. Some of us may choose a new path to travel. These are the times we need guidance and tools to simplify the challenges.

We all need  to create a road map in our mind to regain that sense of purpose or change course with confidence.It will be my pleasure to draw that map with you and give you the tools for the rest of your life.

For almost two decades I have been teaching and  have had the role as a mentor for new Yoga  Teachers in training. Having the role of a Senior Co-ordinator at a International Yoga School instructing both Undergraduates and Post Graduate Teachers.

I Have my own private yoga studio in Melbourne where I teach Individual and group classes, I have also taught in a variety of organizations in Victoria Australia including:

Yoga Centers & Fitness Centers

Physiotherapy Centers

Private Education System

Victorian State Library

St. Vincent Hospital

Turning Point (drug & alcohol center)

Banking and Finance Organizations

Health & Yoga Council of Australia                 

Australian Customs

Australian Federal Police                                             

Australian Taxation Office                                 

Victorian Correctional Services

National Yoga At The Parks Summer Program        

Department of Employment Education & Training Services Victorian Government


Bachelor of Economics,  La Trobe University

Graduate Certificate Engineering (Manufacturing Management)

Advanced Diploma Garment Technology, Quality and prototypes, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

These qualification resulted in my specializing internationally in the design, engineering, manufacturing and selling of Menswear for fifteen years.


As Head of Department, Wardrobe, I read scripts created characters, consulted with personalities, selected garments, styled and dressed actors. Consequently I met numbers of creative people and celebrities.  At this time I became aware of the need by well  known people, for privacy and time away from the public gaze.

This need prompted me to facilitate private yoga retreats on private yachts in the Mediterranean, and other exclusive international locations. These retreats proved invaluable for professional people who are  seeking respite from stressful  jobs or the fatigue which accompanies fame and a high profile positions.

My personal Yoga practice and teaching was ongoing during this time.


 I have  acquired  many skills and tools from these years  I believe the important ones include:

  • The ability to stay focused

  • Calm

  • Self respect

  • Respect for others

  • A happy outlook and sense of purpose

  • I welcome challenges

Whilst yoga is for everyone, Gay Men's Yoga offers the total yoga experience that are in personal and private. My aim is to share the insights so you will live more lightly, happily and purposefully.